Birthday Greetings for Mothers

So you want to wish your amazing mom a happy birthday but don’t quite know what to say? Take some inspiration from these birthday greetings, wishes and quotes below and add your own personal touch.

Idea Haul Original Birthday Messages & Wishes

Happy Birthday to the most incredible, unique and beautiful mother one could ever hope for!

An amazing smile to brighten my day. A caring heart to show me the way. That’s my mom…I’m proud to say. Happy Birthday in every way!

You gave me a shoulder to cry on when no one else would. You made me smile like no one else could. You were my rock that held steady in place. You were the reason I felt so safe. Happy Birthday!

To the guiding light that gave me life, I wish you the happiest birthday imaginable!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful mom and thanks for passing on your genes to your amazing daughter!

Happy birthday to a very talented, caring, intelligent and beautiful mom. I am so happy that you take after me. Happy Birthday!

You always believed in me and told me to reach for the stars. It’s because of you that I’ve made it this far. Happy Birthday mom!

You’ve shown be what it means to be a strong, intelligent and respected woman. I hope to one day be at least half the woman that you are. Happy Birthday!

I wouldn’t trade all the diamonds, emeralds and rubies in the world for you Mom. You are my treasure. Happy Birthday!

Other Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes

For every heartbreak that you have kissed away, I brought you a gift to help brighten your day. I love you, Mom! Happy Birthday! – Unknown

Throughout my life, you have always been the strength that holds me up in the stormiest of times. I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday! – Unknown

You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. – Bob Hope

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. – Lucille Ball

Middle age is when you still believe you’ll feel better in the morning. – Bob Hope

You will never be as young again as you are today, so have fun. But be careful, because you have never been this old before. Happy birthday. – Unknown

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Happy, happy birthday. That's my birthday wish for you. I hope your day brings you joy, whatever you plan to do. Live each moment to the fullest. Every single moment dear. This is the time to remember you only get 1 birthday a year
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Birthday Wishes for Mom Your mother’s birthday should be a national holiday. The president should give a speech to honor her awesomeness and sing her praises. Somehow, this is not the case, and her birthday is not indicated on every calendar on the country. So, it’s up to... #birthday #family #fun @GirlterestMag
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Appreciate the little things ❤️☀️

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