Birthday Greetings for Fathers

So you want to wish your father a happy birthday but don’t quite know what to say? Take some inspiration from these birthday greetings, wishes and quotes below and add your own personal touch for dear old dad.

Idea Haul Original Birthday Messages & Wishes

You gave me a shoulder to cry on when no one else would. You made me smile like no one else could. You were my rock that held steady in place. You were the reason I felt so safe. Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy birthday to a very talented, strong, intelligent and handsome father. I am so happy that you take after me. Happy Birthday!

A great big smile to brighten my day. A steady hand to show me the way. That’s my dad…I’m proud to say. Happy Birthday in every way!

A father’s love isn’t measured in years. It’s always there and ever so near. Happy Birthday Dad!

You taught me to run, you taught me to throw, now it’s your birthday and you’re getting so old. Happy Birthday dear old dad!

Here’s to the past and all the good times, here’s to the present that I had no time to find. Catch you next time dad.

You always believed in me and told me to reach for the stars. It’s because of you that I’ve made it this far. Happy Birthday Dad!

You helped teach me wrong from right and to spend my money wisely. So based on your advice, I decided that investing in a gift you’d probably never use is not a wise decision. Happy Birthday Dad!

I am the luckiest kid in the world you see, because the world’s best dad belongs to me. Happy birthday!

You’ve shown be what it means to be a strong, intelligent and respected man. I hope to one day be at least half the man that you are. Happy Birthday!

Other Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Daddy, no matter how tall I have grown up, I will forever look up to you. I love you and may you have a fun-filled birthday celebration today and for many birthdays to come. Happy birthday! – Unknown

Dad, you are my compass. Thanks for always showing me the right path and for guiding me in the right direction. For that, I love you! Happy birthday! – Unknown

Happy birthday to the man who inspired me to dream big and to work hard in achieving that dream. I love you, Dad! – Unknown

For every heartbreak that you have kissed away, I brought you a gift to help brighten your day. I love you, Dad! Happy Birthday! – Unknown

Throughout my life, you have always been the strength that holds me up in the stormiest of times. I love you, Dad. Happy Birthday! – Unknown

You are getting kind of old, but I still like you anyway. – Unknown

Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed. – Charles Schulz

You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. – Bob Hope

One birthday will not make you old. Even a dozen will not make you old. Maybe you should have stopped counting there though. Happy birthday, again. – Unknown

Middle age is when you still believe you’ll feel better in the morning. – Bob Hope

No matter how many birthdays go by, I will always be the little boy you taught to fly. Happy birthday, Dad. – Unknown

Dad, your birthday gift is another year of not having to pay for my wedding.  – Unknown

You will never be as young again as you are today, so have fun. But be careful, because you have never been this old before. Happy birthday. – Unknown

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Free, Birthday Ecard: Happy Birthday Dad, I looked for a great present then realised having me as a daughter is present enough for anyone!
by Melanie2201509
No birthday cards, wishes, greetings or messages can express in words the amount of love and respect I have for you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, dear Father!
Cute for Fathers Day
Happy Birthday Dad quotes – Father Birthday Quotes
Sparkling Cupcake Happy Birthday Card for Father: Send a little sparkle to your father on his birthday, it would be a great way to get the celebration started! This happy birthday card features everything a father would love, a cupcake and a special message from his child. It thoughtfully lets your dad know that you are wishing him a birthday filled with love and cheer! This great birthday card is perfect if your goal is to make your father happy on his birthday!
Funny Father Daughter Birthday Card/Birthday by LailaMeDesigns
Birthday Wishes For Dad

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