2nd Birthday Party Celebration Ideas

So your child is turning 2. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part – “THE TERRIBLE TWOS”. They don’t call this age the terrible twos for nothing. Two year olds can be quite challenging, so enjoy the birthday party and get ready for a wild year ahead. Actually, there are plenty of great moments at this age, and there’s no better way to begin capturing these moments than with a fun birthday party. Besides, you’ll get some great practice for all of those future parties.

At the age of 2, your child is most likely not going to grasp the concept of a birthday party. In their mind, it will be more like, “hey, what are these people doing here and why are they wearing funny looking hats?” So it won’t make much of a difference to your newly crowned 2 year old where you have the party, how much you spend or how many friends you invite. They will generally be good with whatever you decide to do. But if you want to show off for your neighbors, by all means, go all out. Just expect some drama if you are inviting other 2 year olds. Many children at this age don’t like to share, and sometimes the gift giving process can be a difficult one to grasp. In the mind of a 2 year old, it’s more like, “hey mom, why are you giving this kid the toy you just bought me?” Just consider the party an opportunity to develop your child’s socialization skills.

The first big decision is whether you want to have the party at your house or at some other location. If you choose to have the party outside of your home, you can still self-host it at a park or even a restaurant. Or you have the option to have the party at a place that offers birthday packages, although you’ll need to make sure that the facility is age appropriate for 2 year olds.


Here are a few 2nd birthday party ideas to consider:


Birthdays based on popular movie themes:

All of the movies and television shows listed below are great options for building a themed birthday party. Party supplies based on each movie or show are generally readily available, which makes the job of planning that much easier. The party supply store may even have themed invitations you can send out. Other options for your party can include playing songs from the movie or television show or playing games that tie into the theme. You can also have themed prize giveaways for the winners. Make it even more memorable by setting aside 2 hours for the kids to all watch the movie together. Don’t forget about your themed cake. And if you want to go all out, there are also companies that specialize in character appearances! Even though your 2 year old may not be old enough to appreciate the movie and your amazing theme, it still makes for great pictures (and they’ll appreciate everything you did for them at this party when they turn 30).

Popular kid’s movie birthday themes:

  • Frozen
  • The Lion King
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Aladdin
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Mulan
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Pocahontas
  • Moana
  • Finding Nemo (Finding Dory)
  • Toy Story
  • Despicable Me Party (Minions)
  • All Disney Princess theme
  • Cars
  • Brave


Popular kid’s television show and book character birthday themes:

  • Elmo
  • Sesame Street
  • Cat in the Hat
  • Hello Kitty
  • Sophia the First
  • Dora the Explorer
  • My Little Pony
  • Doc McStuffins
  • Elana of Avalor
  • Peppa Pig
  • Super Mario
  • Avengers
  • Thomas the Train
  • Transformers
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • Paw Patrol
  • Bubble Guppies
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Secret Life of Pets
  • Little Einsteins
  • Shopkins
  • Between the Lions
  • Super WHY!
  • Octonauts
  • The Backyardigans


Other 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

  • Host the party at an aquarium (most offer birthday packages)
  • Host the party at your local zoo (most offer birthday packages and you can also tie in a theme such as the Lion King)
  • Take the kids out to a local farm that’s familiar with hosting birthday parties for kids
  • Have a petting zoo
  • Take the kids to Build-a-Bear Workshop
  • Take the kids on a train ride
  • Host your party at The Little Gym
  • Host your party at Chuck E. Cheese’s (or other themed restaurant that offers games and birthday packages)
  • Host the party at an indoor play-land that offers birthday packages
  • Rent a bounce house or inflatable water slide (or take the kids to a company that specializes in bounce house birthday parties).
  • Have a “fun with water” party – sprinklers, water balloons, squirt guns, etc.
  • Host the birthday party at a theme park (most offer birthday packages)
  • Hire some face painters – always a hit
  • Create a superhero themed party (Avengers, Batman, Superman, Justice League, etc.)
  • Take the kids to a local puppet theater
  • Rent a portable backyard movie screen and projector and have your own backyard movie party
  • Create a birthday theme based on Dinosaurs
  • Host a jungle animal themed party
  • Host a party based on your daughter’s favorite fairytale
  • Take the kids out to a popular movie
  • Celebrate in a park that has a good playground


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