25 Creative Ways to Send a Happy Birthday Message

Nothing creates a more memorable birthday experience than putting a little thought and effort into the celebration. And a great way to start off is by making sure you deliver an impactful birthday message. Sure, you could just wish the birthday person a Happy Birthday, but that’s been done billions of times and it’s very much expected. Why not shake things up a bit and put a little pizzazz into your approach. Make the birthday occasion a little more memorable, unique and unexpected. Think outside the birthday box. Here are 25 ideas or creative ways that you can wish someone a Happy Birthday.

Decorate car

You see it done at weddings all of the time. Why not decorate the birthday person’s car with streamers, cans, confetti, etc. Imagine their surprise when the walk out the door.


Shout it Out!

Of course we can’t create a list of creative ways to send a birthday message and not mention our own Birthday Shout Out section on Idea Haul. Just go here and write your message for everyone to see!


Send it FedEx

Sending your happy birthday message via FedEx would certainly pique the interest of the birthday person and show you put effort into saying happy birthday. Especially if you are in the same household.


Signs on front lawn

Think pink flamingos and you’ll get the idea. Just write up some simple birthday messages on construction paper and staple to some wood stakes that you can place on the front lawn of the birthday person’s house. The more embarrassing the better.


Drone Drop

This one’s a little on the crazy side, but could really be memorable. You’ll need to find someone with a small aerial drone which can carry a small bag of birthday messages. The idea is to set it up, so the bag of messages can be released when the birthday person is outside (backyard, park, etc.). You’ll need to set up the timing with the drone operator.


Message in a bottle

Love this idea. Put your birthday message in a bottle and cork it up. You can offer to run a bath (complete with tons of bubbles) for the birthday person and hide the bottle in the bath suds. Or, you can set it up in the swimming pool or at the beach.


Message in the sand

Sticking with the beach theme. If you live near the coast, find a secluded beach area and write out your message in BIG letters. Then later, when you take the birthday person to this spot, they will be extremely impressed.



Expensive, but what a message. Yes, there are services available where small planes will skywrite or fly around your happy birthday banner.


Dog collar

If you have an indoor dog and want to surprise a child or a spouse with a special birthday message, tuck one in the collar of your dog. Make sure it’s very visible and doesn’t fall off until the birthday person notices it.


Cereal Box

This one works great for kids (and possibly husbands who act like kids). Stick a birthday card or birthday message at the top of their favorite box of cereal. When they begin to pour, out comes the message.


Barista message

It could be Starbuck’s or any other favorite coffee place where the birthday person always goes. Just let the barista know in advance to write happy birthday on the cup and offer to give a very large tip. You’ll need to do some detective work in advance to get everything set up so it comes as a surprise.


Birthday telegram

OK, so this one isn’t so unique, but there’s nothing stopping you from making it unique. Hire Christmas carolers (dressed as carolers) to come sing happy birthday (the further away from Christmas the better), pay a local kids sports team to come and sing (they are always looking for ways to make money), pay a local singer-songwriter to put your birthday message to music and sing it to your spouse, etc.


Breakfast in bed

An oldie but a goody. Breakfast in bed is always a nice way to say happy birthday. Especially when it’s not something you are known for doing.


Restaurant surprise

Most all of us are familiar with this one, but it never fails to deliver an embarrassing smile. If you plan to tale the birthday boy or girl out to dinner, let the restaurant staff know and they will generally come by the table to sing happy birthday. Some restaurants go all out.


Change phone ringtone

Yes, you can buy birthday ringtones. You’ll just need to figure out how to purchase one and download it to the birthday person’s mobile phone.


Add happy birthday song to playlist

If you have the opportunity to swipe the birthday person’s phone without them knowing, you can add a birthday song to their playlist. We have some birthday song ideas here.


Bathroom mirror fog

Ahh! The old write on the bathroom mirror with your finger trick. Yes, it really works. Just spell out your happy birthday message on the birthday person’s mirror and the next time they shower and steam up the bathroom, your message will magically appear.


Say it with flowers

Ok, so we had to throw in a few traditional ways of wishing someone a happy birthday. Nothing beats a bouquet of flowers delivered to work or home.


Honk, it’s my Birthday

An old classic that never goes out of style. The night before the birthday, tape a sign to the back of the birthday person’s car (not so obvious – you don’t want them to see it while getting in the car for work) that says, “Honk…It’s My Birthday”. The birthday person will have no idea why so many people are honking at them with smiles on their faces. Eventually, they do figure out what’s going on.


12:01 am friends and family text blast

Talk about making someone feel appreciated! Send out a message to all family and friends to text the birthday person exactly at 12:01am on the morning of their birthday.


Key Chain Attachment

Hook your happy birthday message on the birthday person’s keychain. They will be reminded of your message every time they pull out their keys.


Social Media Influencer Shout Out

If you can afford to, reach out to a social media influencer and pay them to give a birthday shout out to the birthday person (very appealing for the teenage girl crowd). You’ll need to find out who they follow on YouTube. It will take some work, but if you can pull it off, you’ll be a super hero.


Email blast

Similar to sending a text blast, tell all friends and family to email out birthday wishes – it would be more fun if they all came at a certain time of the day.


Facebook Live or YouTube Live Message

If you have the knowhow, set up a specific time to broadcast a live happy birthday feed on Facebook or YouTube. Make sure to have the birthday person tuned in at that specific time. Even if the miss it, the message will still be recorded for them to see.


Lunch box message

The little ones are always happy and surprised to open their lunch box at school and find a message from mom or dad hidden in there. Works on spouses as well!


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