11th Birthday Party Celebration Ideas

Although turning 11 doesn’t have the same wow factor as turning 10, 12 or even 13, it is a very important occasion. It means that your child is only 2 years away from being a teenager, and they’ll be the first to remind you of this fact. This is big stuff. No longer considered a little kid, 11 year olds are close to the top of the pre-teen universe. Image is very important. Girls are starting to notice boys and boys are starting to notice girls. Kids at this age get easily embarrassed. In fact, it’s a travesty for any 11 year old to be seen in public with their parents, especially in the presence of another 11 year old of the opposite sex. Any child-parent sighting immediately drops any 11 year old down 2 points on the cool factor scale. Let’s face it, your child is growing up, and you’ll need to throw him or her an 11th birthday party that reflects this.

Well, thankfully at this age, there are plenty of birthday party ideas and options that you can plan for that will not only be fun, but will also maintain your kid’s cool factor rating.

The first big decision is whether you want to have your child’s 11th birthday party at your house or at some other location. If you choose to have the party outside of your home, you can still self-host it at a park or even a restaurant. Or you have the option to have the party at a place that offers birthday packages. Many parents choose to go with the places that offer birthday packages. They may cost more, but it means less clean up and planning on your part and depending on the place, could be more fun for the kids.

Here are a few 11th birthday party ideas to consider:

  • Host the party at an aquarium (most offer birthday packages)
  • Take the kids out to the ballpark to see a baseball game
  • Host your party at a local museum (many children’s museums have birthday packages)
  • Host the party at a local dance studio
  • Host a “high tea” party (girls only)
  • Have a pop star themed party where the kids can sing karaoke
  • Take the kids to a local youth theatre
  • Rent a portable backyard movie screen and projector and have your own backyard movie party
  • Take the kids out to a popular movie
  • Celebrate in the park
  • Plan a Campout or Sleepover
  • Plan out a Jurassic Park theme (make sure you design the theme to appeal more to teens)
  • Have a Slime Party – they are all the rage
  • Plan your party at a ranch that offers party packages
  • Take the kids ice-skating
  • Host the party at a laser tag or paintball facility that offers birthday packages
  • Build your theme around the Harry Potter movies
  • Build your theme around the Hunger Games movies
  • Take the kids horseback riding
  • Go retro and host the party at a roller skating rink
  • Plan a foam party – you can actually rent foam making machines
  • Create a carnival theme with different booths where kids can win prizes
  • Host a Zombie Party
  • Have a glow in the dark party where kids can have fun with glow in the dark face paint and clothing
  • Have a color fun party (similar to a color run without the running) – you can buy the colorful powder everywhere. Just make sure you have a big backyard and an area to hose off the kids
  • Plan a cool pool party
  • Make your own pizza theme – the kids get to design and bake their own pizzas
  • Have a sock hop party
  • Pirates of the Caribbean theme (make sure you design the theme to appeal more to teens)
  • Have your party hosted at Dave & Busters if they are in your area
  • Create a Star Wars themed party (make sure you design the theme to appeal more to teens)
  • Have a pajama party (girls, not for boys)
  • Take the kids bowling
  • Host the party at a local arcade that offers birthday packages
  • Create a Minecraft theme
  • Host the party at a rock climbing facility
  • Host a craft party where you can bring in experts to help teach the kids how to paint, make jewelry or even pottery. Craft stores like Michael’s also offer birthday packages.
  • Host your party at an indoor trampoline park
  • Have an ice cream themed party where the kids get to mix up their own ice cream creations
  • Host the birthday party at a theme park (most offer birthday packages)


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